How can you contribute in a pediatric emergency?

Children will be children. You can not expect them to sit at one place. They are tiny little explorers who are always up to something. Though we love watch them play and have fun, it is difficult to see them in pain.

Falls, burns, insect bites, drowning, and poisoning are the common childhood emergencies. Though it is not possible to eliminate these paediatric emergencies, you can definitely reduce their occurrence by being more careful and watchful. Make sure that someone is always present where kids are playing or bathing or swimming.

Then as parents or guardians, you must take up a course For Pediatric safety and First Aid. This will help you in understanding the symptoms of childhood emergency, recognising the injuries and administering the first aid.

Here are a few things that you can do to contribute in a paediatric emergency:

Be ready with a first aid kit. Your fist aid kit should have bandage, adhesive tape, antiseptic lotion or cream, pain killer, pain relief spray, cotton, and scissors. In case of falls or burns, you must immediately provide first aid to your child. It helps alleviate the pain and prevents the symptoms from growing worse till the doctor comes at the accident site.

Have emergency medical numbers-In case of childhood emergencies; it is of the utmost importance to seek the right and timely medical treatment. Make sure that you have the emergency medical numbers ready with you so that you get the medical assistance without any delay. Note down the numbers on one paper and put it on your refrigerator or on the kitchen wall so that you don’t end up wasting your time flipping through your phone diary.

If you are working and leave your child at home, you must teach your child how to use the emergency number 911. In case the child gets injured when there is no one around, he should know how and where to get help from.

Keep the medical history of the child handy. Keep all the past medical records and reports in a file and put it in a place that is easy to reach. In case of childhood emergency, the paediatric may want to know if your child is allergic to any medicine or if he is suffering from any disease or ailment.

An Introduction to CPR Training Programs

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR training programs are generally set of certain basic guidelines that include chest compressions along with rescue breathing techniques in order to aid patients before a medical help arrives. In a situation of cardiac arrest, a person usually seeks immediate medical assistance which is sometimes not possible. Here, a CPR training program helps you to provide the best assistance to the patient using the right CPR techniques.

The CPR training programs are especially designed not for any single individual. However, these are designed for every common individual who can might face an accident or get into a deadly situation. CPR training courses are differentiated in 3 categories including kids, infants, and adults. So, you must meticulously make use of the CPR techniques according to the gender and age of the patient.

There are several companies that you can find online that offer certified CPR training courses. These can provide you the right tips and tricks using which rightly, you can save your life as well as the life of patients in emergency situations. Learn the practical approach and make best use of the CPR knowledge.

Help yourself and others with Advanced First Aid Training Course

Accidents and misfortunes can occur any time with anyone. There are people who can fight with death till the end. However, most people get anxious in such situations and unable to help themselves in such critical situations.  It is only the lack of knowledge that makes them feel helpless.

Here comes the role of advanced first aid trainings. With these, you can help yourself and even other patients respond in emergency situations and recover rapidly. With a proper first aid training course, you can provide basic medical help to people in the emergency situations. Also, you can bring out the confidence in patients who have lost the will to live.

During the first aid training sessions, you are made to taught with life-saving techniques that you can use in any type of emergency situation. First aid trainings generally include circles of care concept, injury scene assessment, assessment responsiveness, control of bleeding, managing shock, warning signs, emergency moves, performing a physical assessment, learning a patient history and emotional impact of the aid concerning medical emergencies and more subjects.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the best use of advanced first aid training course. Help yourself and others in the best way possible.

Administering Pediatric Safety

This infographic titled ‘Administering Pediatric Safety’  has been created with the big idea of highlighting the need of Health and Safety Training for kids.

The information would try to bring out:

  • Most Common Childhood Emergencies- symptoms and initial steps to take
  • How the health and safety needs of children are different from adults
  • Top skills that a person administering pediatric safety must have
  • How can a person contribute in a pediatric emergency

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Why Oakland and Berkley need Health and Safety Training

This infographic titled ‘Why Oakland and Berkley need Health and Safety Training’  has been created with the big idea of highlighting the need of Health and Safety Training in Oakland and Berkley.

The information would try to bring out:

  • Statistical evidence to show the number of injuries and health issues in California and Oakland and Berkley in particular
  • The need of Health and Safety Trainings owing to the current state of injuries and health problems in Oakland and Berkley
  • The top health and safety trainings that people in Oakland and Berkley should take up


7 Steps to take in a heart attack- Adamssafety


Adams Safety presents a video on 7 steps to take in a heart attack.
This video is an attempt to create awareness about the first steps that individuals should take when they see that someone is having a heart attack. It highlights the importance of taking up safety First aid training. Adams Safety Training provides First Aid and CPR training to the entire San Francisco Bay Area and Berkeley.

What is so Special about a First Aid Training Institute?

Life is very unpredictable. We do not know what might happen to us any moment. This is the reason we prepare ourselves for undesirable events by opting for medical and health insurances. However, since insurances can only save you from the staggering medical bills, first aid training can actually help you save a life.

A first aid training institute offers first aid training by professional medical experts to the trainees. This is a training that revolves around saving a life by providing basic medical aid during an undesirable event by preventing further injuries and promoting recovery of health until the medical aid arrives. If you are planning of joining first aid classes in Berkeley, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

Choose a first aid training institute that has the best professionals teaching first aid. The goodwill and popularity of the institute are two factors that you should look into before selecting a first aid training institute. In addition, ensure that the training institute offers low stress and easy learning methods, backed by appropriate practical training. The main aim of a good first aid training institute is to prepare the trainees to face emergency medical conditions with confidence and offer medical support to injured or wounded before any medical help is provided to them. Enroll now in the best first aid classes in San Francisco and make a difference to millions of life.

Save a Life with CPR Training

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation or CPR can actually make you save a life. In a scenario where medical help can not reach within seconds and when a person is battling his life, administering CPR can make all the difference. There is nothing more virtuous than saving a life. CPR training empowers you to not only save a life, but also offer hope and warmth to hundreds of lives attached to the concerned person.


Every year hundred thousands of people in the US fall victim to sudden cardiac arrests. Alarmingly more than 95% of the people die as they do not get timely help. Most people who get a stroke or meet an accident are unfortunate not to get any medical help. With a sudden cardiac arrest, the heart ceases to pump the blood that leads to cutting off the oxygen from the vital organs of the body. If you are trained in CPR, you can administer chest compressions, in addition to mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the patient to enable the heart to pump the blood again and help the brain get the required oxygen before the medical help arrives.

Providing timely CPR to someone who has got cardiac arrest enhances the chances of survival. Enroll yourself in CPR classes in San Jose and make a difference in people’s lives.