Hayward CPR Training & First Aid Classes – CPR Certification in Hayward

Despite our best efforts and care, infants are prone to emergencies. It is estimated that in the United States, among infants who suffer from cardiac arrest outside the hospital premises, only less than half receive a bystander CPR. There are infants who survive a cardiac arrest, but many cases among them suffer from brain damage. If an infant who have suffered from cardiac arrest receives a bystander CPR, he/she has a successful return of spontaneous circulation (ROCS).

Some of the other causes of infant deaths in the country are due to prematurity complications and congenital malformations. Injury is the leading cause of death among children over 1 year. One of the leading causes of injury is motor vehicle accident caused due to negligence. Hence, it is imperative for parents of new born children to take pediatric CPR and first aid training in Hayward.

To perform a pediatric CPR, the suggested sequence has always been ABC (Airway, Breathing and Chest compression) procedure. But according to the American Heart Association in 2010, the recommended procedure for CPR is CAB sequence is (Chest compressions, airway, breathing/ ventilations) procedure. This sequence is specially recommended for infants than adults.

While an infant has suffered from a cardiac arrest, chest compressions should be given to the patient with the highest quality to produce generate greater blood flow to the vital organs to have ROSC. Infants are more prone to getting Asphyxia cardiac arrest than VF cardiac arrest in which ventilations hold the utmost priority. Bystander CPR results are better with combination of ventilations and chest compressions for pediatric resuscitation.

So, learn first aid training in Hayward to be able to save an infant’s life in case he/she has a cardiac arrest outside hospital premises.

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