Millbrae CPR Training & First Aid Classes – CPR Certification in Millbrae

First aid helps save lives. There are many benefits of first aid training at workplace. The employees become aware of the concept of first aid and CPR which helps bring down the number of accidents at the workplace and save lives in case of accidents and emergencies.

First aid training gives employees the knowledge and the confidence to effectively manage every situation without any fear or inhibition. Trainees are taught to provide first aid for various conditions, including respiratory arrest, cardiac arrest, hemorrhage, burns, eye injuries, shock, poisoning, burns, and many other accidents that are common at the workplace. During the first aid training employees are also taught to apply dressings and slings, handle and transport the injured person, and treat bites, stings, strains, sprains, and fractures. They are made to learn how to give injections, control blood flow, bandage injuries, and give painkillers.

First aid trainees are made aware of the contents of the first aid kit and the correct ways to use those contents. The trainees learn to handle an emergency with skill and confidence and save the precious life of their co-workers.

If your company is interested in first aid training, look for reliable and reputable trainers in Millbrae who provide first aid training and CPR certification for employees as per the guidelines laid down by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The OSHA has laid down the minimal acceptable first aid and CPR training program for the employees. It is mandatory for all companies to provide the CPR and first aid training to their employees. In case a company fails to do the same and there is an accident, it is considered to be OSHA violation and the company is made to pay stiff fines.

Provide OSHA first aid and CPR training to your employees to empower them with the critical first aid knowledge to manage an emergency tactfully and confidently. Studies reveal that first aid training also reduces on-the-job injuries

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