Fremont CPR Training & First Aid Classes – CPR Certification in Fremont

All of us have fallen or gotten hurt at some point in our lives. Someone falls or cut themselves, others face breathing problem due to heart failure. You can also find yourself as a victim of natural disasters and wars. Everyone runs a risk of being in car accident, ingestion of harmful substances among many other incidents that can put them in emergency situations. First Aid Training in Fremont equips an individual to react and provide the patient with emergency medical help that can help save life while the paramedics reach the spot.

Once a person faces emergency, our body takes only a few minutes before it surrenders itself to an injury. Our brains take six minutes to die if the oxygen supply to it is cut off. If a person suffers from heavy bleeding in an accident, he/she can die within 5 minutes. Hence, knowing first aid can save someone life or save them from a lifelong impairment. Time has the biggest importance when there is an emergency situation and knowing first aid can be of the greatest help.

During First Aid, there are three most important aspects to check the condition of the patient i.e. airway, blood and cardio. Before giving first aid one needs to check if the patient is breathing fine, if he/she is bleeding heavily and to ensure that whether his/her heart is working fine. First aid doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as putting alcohol on a wound and putting bandage on it. It doesn’t have to be physical but can be physiological as well, when all a patient needs is support and guidance to move and get up again to make right decisions.

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