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Adams Safety Offering EMSA Licensed Childcare -Prevention of Illness & Injury Program

Prevention of Illness and Injury- Health and Safety program offered by Adams Safety Training is an 8 Hour Training course includes the new 2016 Childcare Nutrition program. Adams Safety Training is one of the best training providers in the State of California, offering this training course. The Licensed Childcare Programs offered by Adams Safety Training are certified and approved by the State of California Emergency Medical Services Authority – EMSA.

EMSA Training in Fairfield

Here are the important details about the Prevention of Illness & Injury – Health & Safety training program:

•    The Prevention of Illness & Injury – Health & Safety Program is an 8 hour training certification program.

•    The Preventive Health and Safety for Child Care training providers at Adams Safety Training provides all the required training for childcare providers (Babysitters, pre-school teachers, daycare staff, and others involved in child care jobs) to meet the requirements of California State Law and meets the needs of AB 1542.

•    The training program includes a CD with a 279 page manual together with forms for operation of the childcare included in the cost of the class.

Join EMSA Training in Fairfield and become an expert in prevention of illness and injury- health and safety. For more details about the course, you must visit the official site of Adams Safety Training- ‘’.

Things You Should Know about EMSA Child Care Training

Are you interested in joining a child care job or already involved in child care profession? If yes, then you must be aware of EMSA approved child care First Aid and CPR training program. Child care training programs, approved by EMSA (Emergency Medical Services Authority) provide all the related information and skills to preschool teachers, daycare staff, childcare employees, and others involved in various childcare jobs. Through these programs, people can prepare themselves to take care of infants and children safety and responsibility.

EMSA Child Care Training

These days, there are many sources like Adams Safety Training that provide EMSA approved child care First Aid and CPR training. If you are looking for EMSA Training in Fairfield, you can join Adams Safety’s EMSA Licensed Childcare Pediatric (Infant, Child and Adult) CPR with AED & First Aid Training program. It is an 8 hours training program, which consists of 8 hours of First Aid and CPR Training and 8 hours of Prevention Health and Safety Training.

For more details about EMSA child care training program or any other EMSA approved training programs offered by Adams Safety Training, you can visit their official site ‘’.

Why to Look for EMSA Approved training Programs?

If you are looking for a pediatric first aid, pediatric CPR, or a preventive health training program, make certain to choose a program that is approved by the EMS Authority. EMSA or Emergency Medical Services Authority is a program that is specifically designed to teach pre-hospital emergency medical care to professionals, especially those who are involved in child care jobs.

EMSA Training in Petaluma

EMSA approved training programs are perfect for family childcare/in-home providers, childcare centers, preschool providers, afterschool providers, licensed childcare providers and private schools with daycare centers. The training helps to learn the right steps to perform various life saving techniques and make people confident about responding correctly and quickly in an emergency situation.

If you are searching for EMSA Training program in Petaluma, you can visit the EMSA’s official website and get the list of current child care First Aid, CPR, and Preventive Health and Safety Practices training programs nearby your area. The site provides an up-to-date list of current approved training programs for child care first aid, CPR and Preventive Health and Safety Practices training.

A Guide to EMSA Approved Pediatric CPR

In the event, when the breathing or heartbeat of a child has been stopped due to any reasons such as suffocation, drowning, injury or choking, CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation can prove to be a highly-effective life saving technique. The process is mainly consists of- rescue breathing (helps to supply oxygen to a child’s lungs) and chest compressions (required to keep the child’s blood circulating to various important parts of the body).

EMSA Training in Petaluma

Although, CPR is an excellent procedure, it is vital to perform it in a right manner, otherwise a wrong step may worsen the situation. This life-saving technique must be performed by a person who is well-trained in CPR. These days, there are several organizations that provide the best CPR training classes. Adams Safety Training is one such source that provides the best EMSA (Emergency Medical Services Authority) approved pediatric CPR course.

Join EMSA Training in Petaluma and become an expert in providing pediatric CPR. For details about EMSA approved CPR classes or any other course, you can visit the official site of Adams Safety Training.

An Insight into the History of CPR – Infographic

CPR or Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a life-saving emergency procedure. Under this procedure, a person presses up and down on the victim’s chest (chest compressions) and gives a series of rescue breaths to help save victim’s life in case of a cardiac arrest. Here are certain key facts related to the history of CPR from timeline 1740-1972, have a look:

•    In the year 1740, the Paris Academy of Sciences officially recommended mouth-to-mouth resuscitation for drowning victims.

•    In 1767, The Society for the Recovery of Drowned Persons became the first organized effort to deal with sudden and unexpected death.

•    In 1891, Dr. Friedrich Maass performed the first equivocally documented chest compression in humans.

•    In 1903, Dr. George Crile reported the first successful use of external chest compressions in human resuscitation.

•    In 1904, the first American case of closed-chest cardiac massage was performed by Dr. George Crile.

•    In 1954, James Elam was the first to prove that expired air was sufficient to maintain adequate oxygenation.

•    In 1960, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) was developed. The AHA started a program to acquaint physicians with close-chest cardiac resuscitation.

•    In 1966, The National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences convened an ad hoc conference on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

•    In 1972, Leonard Cobb held the world’s first mass citizen training in CPR in Seattle, Washington called Medic 2.

For more details related to the history of CPR, please refer the given infographic.

CPR Training