Greenbrae CPR Training & First Aid Classes – CPR Certification in Greenbrae

Do you know how to administer CPR? If not, enroll yourself today at Adams Safety Training to book your seat for the Greenbrae CPR training and First Aid classes. A perfect knowledge of performing CPR can save a person’s life in an emergency situation. A sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone at anytime. In this frightening situation, the flow of blood to the vital organs of the body including the brain stops. If an immediate help is not provided to the victim, his chances of survival can reduce to a great extent and can even lead to his death.

Thus, you can be the one to save a life in such life-threading situation by performing CPR. CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is an easy to learn practice in which, there are basically 3 steps involved:

  • If you find that victim is not responsive and not breathing normally, you must call an emergency professional medical help.
  • Till the time any medical help arrives, you should start begin the chest compressions. The correct way to perform the chest compressions is by pushing down in the center of the chest of the victim, 2 inches 30 times. You need to pump hard and fast.
  • Tilt the head of the victim little back and lift the chin. Now, cover his mouth with yours, pinch his nose and blow until you see the chest rise. Deliver 2 breaths, each should take 1 second.

This way, you can help a person to regain his breath and blood flow to the vital organs of his body. The Adams Safety Training professionals provide various customized training programs including Preventive Health and Safety, Pediatric First Aid and CPR, American Heart Association BLS, OSHA Health and Safety Courses and many more as per the requirements of the individuals, businesses and various other organizations.