Campbell CPR Training & First Aid Classes – CPR Certification in Campbell

Whether you are a first time parent or you have had children before, as a parent it is very important for you to attend infant CPR classes. A baby is completely dependent on others for survival. From food to water to clothing and shelter, he depends on others for his basic survival needs. To ensure that your baby stays well protected and safe, you need to protect him from all possible dangers in addition to meeting his basic survival needs.

Infant emergencies arise when you least expect them to. They can be caused by common household accidents or by the onset of certain medical conditions. Choking, suffocation, and poisoning are the most common infant emergencies. Infants have the habit of putting things in their mouth. This can result in blockage of their airways or it can result in poisoning if they were to ingest dangerous and harmful substances.

There are a lot of agencies in Campbell that offer infant CPR classes and basic first aid training in Campbell to parents. These classes are usually held in hospitals, community centers, and local communities. During the CPR classes in Campbell one is taught to deal with the emergency situations, such as choking and poisoning, and drowning. With the correct knowledge, one is able to handle the emergency situation effectively and is able to save the life of one’s precious little one who is completely vulnerable and dependent on others for his safety and well-being.

Good infant CPR classes make use of life-sized models to demonstrate infant emergencies to parents in an accurate and easy-to-understand manner. Infant CPR techniques are different from adult CPR. Instead of using both hands to execute the chest compressions, infant CPR involves the use of just two fingers to pump the infant’s sternum for facilitating the child’s breathing and the flow of oxygenated blood to the child’s brain. The techniques that parents learn during infant CPR classes go a long way in helping them protect their babies from any type of emergency.

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