Benicia CPR Training & First Aid Classes – CPR Certification in Benicia

BLS or Basic Life Support is a basic course that is intended for all health care professionals like paramedics, nurses, first-aid volunteers, doctors, and fire-fighters. It comprises of the basic skills such as identifying life-threatening emergencies, providing CPR, relieving choking, and resuscitating a drowning victim. BLS trainees are taught the various methods by which they can assess and save a cardiac patient, drowning victim, and other emergencies successfully.

Though BLS training providers in Benicia structure the training program to meet varied needs and requirements of the trainees, BLS training course in general includes audio-visual demos, techniques of CPR, techniques of using AMBU bags, and use of manikins.

During the audio-visual demos, the BLS trainer shows the various techniques by which a health care provider can help the patient in the time of emergencies in an efficient and professional manner. CPR refers to cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It is an important part of BLS training course. It teaches medical practitioners how to resuscitate a cardiac patient before he or she is being attended by a professional cardiologist.

Automated External Defibrillator or AED is used for diagnosing the abnormal rhythm of the heart during a cardiac arrest. The device also helps in treating the same with the use of electric therapy for re-establishing the normal rhythm of the heart.

AMBU bags are used for rescue breathing. It is used for providing ventilation to a patient who is unable to breathe or is breathing in an improper manner till he or she is transferred onto a mechanical ventilator.

During BLS training, medical professionals are also taught how to use manikins. Manikins are anatomical structures of the human body that are used for education purposes. The BLS course familiarizes the trainees with the essential anatomical structure for diagnosing certain emergencies and providing the basic pre-hospital treatment.

Once the trainees complete the BSL training course, they are made to take the test after which they are provided with the BLS certificate. BLS certificate ensures medical health professionals a successful and promising career ahead.