San Carlos

San Carlos CPR Training & First Aid Classes – CPR Certification in San Carlos

Whether you are a new parent, a senior care provider, a nanny or a baby sitter, CPR and first aid training is a must for you. Emergencies can happen anytime. You have to be prepared to handle them. First aid and CPR are things that if you know, can help you a lot in an emergency.

Kids have the habit of putting anything and everything in their mouth, from toys to insects to left over items of table or things lying on the floor, they put things in their mouth that often result in choking. If you know CPR and first aid, you can handle these common childhood emergencies effectively. Kids also get cuts and scrapes quite often. They fall and slip and they get fractures, sprains, and strains.

CPR and first aid training will teach you how to handle the emergency. You will be taught how to identify the symptoms of choking, drowning, and other childhood emergencies. You would learn how to determine the needs of the victim and treat sudden illnesses. First aid training would provide you with the essential skills for controlling bleeding, treating cuts, scrapes, bee stings, insect bites, etc.

If you are a child care provider, you must complete the child care provider first aid training as required by the EMS Authority. For First time licensees, child care provider training must consist of 15 hours of training, including 4 hours of pediatric training, 4 hours of pediatric CPR, including infant, child, and adult CPR and infant, child, and adult AED training, and 7 hours of Preventive Health and Safety Training. Trainers who provide the training for fewer hours than what is stated above, the training is considered not in compliance with the law. You must get childcare first aid training from a licensed training provider who understands and complies fully with the laws of the EMSA in San Carlos. Get first aid and CPR training today to learn to handle childhood emergencies effectively.