About Us

Welcome to Adams Safety Training

Having been active in providing safety training in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1992, and with over 25 years in the safety industry, Adams Safety Training can

tailor a comprehensive training for any industry. Taking into account our instructors’ prior industry experience and an individual company’s accident and loss

experience, we will tailor a specific program for your organization. This custom designed program will meet the needs of the individual company while making the

training more meaningful for the employees.

Additionally, all of our programs meet the requirements of all State and Federal regulatory agencies.

We understand the value of time and money so we provide a thorough class in the shortest possible time and strive to make the class enjoyable but never sacrifice


Our students have indicated that our training programs are easy to learn, remember, and are stress-free. No written tests!

Students state they prefer our classes over other well known programs, because our classes are tailored for their company or job.

Materials are available and the class can be co-taught in Spanish as well as in English.

Our Team

Ray Adams-Trainer &Instructor

Ray Adams-Trainer & Instructor

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With over 24 years in the insurance and loss control industry, Ray Adams, our primary instructor, has a first hand understanding of the challenges facing comes to

preventing and controlling accidents and injuries.

Ray holds a BA and an MBA as well as Associates Degrees in Risk Management, Insurance Claims, Loss Control and Liability Claims Law.

Ray is a member of The Society of Safety Engineers. he has worked as a Loss Control Manager for a Fortune 100 company and a Vice President of Workers Compensation

Claims for one of the largest international insurance companies in the world. Ray has taught safety, insurance, risk management and loss control classes to

professionals for over 20 years and has taught First Aid and CPR for public, private employers, and many nonprofit agencies.

He and his wife have been active with local foster child agencies and involved with the disabled in the community. Ray conducts all of our training programs and

oversees the teaching of our other instructors.

Rosemarie Adams-Instructor

Rosemarie Adams- Instructor

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Rosemarie Adams is the Office Adminstrator, Co-Owner, and Instructor for Adams Safety Training. She runs the business and is the backbone of Adams Safety Training.

Nothing is accomplished without Rosemarie.

She schedules and coodinates all of the classes for all instructors and handles all registrations and billing details for the company. She has a degree in criminal

justice and has worked for over 10 years in the safety/security/loss prevention industry. She is certified to teach all of our Medic First Aid, American Safety &

Health Institue, American Heart Association courses and is our Spanish-speaking instructor.

Greg Roush- Instructor

Sarah Ward – Instructor

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Sarah Ward is a long time member of our Tri Valley community. Sarah has always had an interest in Health and Safety and has strived to be of service to others.

While raising her family she and work in and help operated a large family childcare center for over 10 years and during that time was a student of Adams Safety.

Sarah mentored with Adams Safety Training for well over 2 years to become a valued OSHA/EMSA compliant CPR and First Aid instructor. Sarah has first-hand knowledge

of the California EMSA Licensing program requirements for operating Private and Public Childcare Centers.

She is also certified to teach our EMSA Approved Preventive Health & Safety (Preventive Injury & Illness) Training Program for prospective child care

providers. Sarah also is certified to teach our Baby Sitting classes for the young adults in our community. Sarah takes pride in providing professional yet

entertaining training classes where everyone learns vital lifesaving skills. We are proud to have Sarah and a valued member of our staff.