The Importance of First Aid Training

You can not predict accidents. Nor you can predict their severity, as well as, the ready availability of medical help. This is because of these accidents and lack of timely medical help that many injured lose their lives. Human life is precious and it can be saved if the injured get precautionary medical aid before they are being taken care by the paramedics.

First aid training is the basic medical aid training program conducted by safety training institutes that focuses upon the first aid procedures and methods used by the trainee in case of medical emergencies. It is a highly efficient way to protect lives and prevent any further damage, especially in cases where medical help can not be given on time.

The primary and main objective of a first aid program is to offer timely and immediate medical care and attention to patients for the safety of their life. The first aid training programs are specifically designed by health professionals and medical experts after evaluating the medial needs that an injured must have.

You can save a life by providing him/her with proper first aid assistance. Enroll with recognized first aid classes in San Francisco as troubles do not come invited.

CPR/AED Classes to save a life after Cardiac arrest

Lakhs of people die due to sudden cardiac arrest and these numbers are increasing day by day. Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is a clinical and public health important problem that needs emergency medical service response for treatment. Studies shows that If you perform CPR immediately and you use as Automated external Defibrillator(AED) witnin a few minutes than you can double the chance of victim’s survival . Have a look on the below infographic.






First Aid For A Heart Attack- Infographic presents an Infographic titled ‘First Aid For A Heart Attack’ which is an attempt to create awareness about the first steps that individuals should take when they see that someone is having a heart attack.

It highlights:-

-The statistics about heart attack in the US making it the number 1 killer

-Emergency steps to take when someone encounters a heart attack

-The importance of taking up safety training particularly CPR and AED.

It brings some interesting facts about First Aid.

Learn to Live Till Your Last Day with First Aid Training

Life is unpredictable. Any accident, calamity or tragedy can arise within a flip of a second. In emergency situations, most people often lose hope and will power to live. The only way left is certainly to get these victims admitted to hospitals. However, sometimes even medical treatment does not come out to be of help.
Here comes the role of first aid training. Under this training all the patients are made to learn effective tips by which they can fight through life and come out alive as warriors. The training program teaches victims that life is valuable and how they can handle critical conditions with their own hidden potential.
Patients are made to learn basic preventive measures in emergency situations such as life-saving techniques, injury scene assessment, assessment responsiveness, control of bleeding, managing shock and more.
The program also boosts their morals and ignites the strength to live life with courage till the last moment.Patients receive first aid training certificates with which they become self confident and strong enough to combat with any deadly situation.
It is said, “When there is a will, there is a way.” With first aid training, you can open the gateway to new life for people who have lost the health and will to live anymore.

Tips to keep your kids healthy

Kids are prone to fall sick because their immune systems are not developed that well. When they come in contact with other kids in day care or school who have cold or flue, they too catch the germs and bacteria and come home with a runny nose and a sore throat.

What should you do to prevent your kids from falling sick?

Try these tips to keep your child healthy

Build up your child’s immune system. If their immune system is strong, it would shield them against sicknesses and diseases.

To boost your child’s immune system, make her eat healthy food. Make sure that she eats fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. Prepare food that is rich in nutritional value to help your child grow strong and healthy.

Teach your child the importance of proper hygiene. Instruct them to wash their hands whenever they come home from outside and before eating their meals. Teach them the importance of keeping themselves clean and hygienic. Make sure that they take bath everyday and brush their teeth twice daily.

Sleep plays a very crucial role in keeping one healthy and fit. Your child must get adequate sleep for at least 8 hours every day.

Encourage your child to exercise and stay active. Exercising improves blood circulation, and helps germs and bacteria to flush out of the body. Sweating also helps in removing harmful toxins from the body.

Cut down on sugar intake of your child. Do not allow her to eat too much of candies, cakes, pies, and puddings as sugar impairs the immune system and make one vulnerable to diseases and infections.

Follow these tips to prevent your child from getting cold, flu, soar throats and ear infections.

What to do in case of heart attack?

Every year, heart attack kills a large number of people across the world. It is one of the most common and indeed the most dangerous heart disease. In case a friend or a colleague gets a heart attack, you must know what to do. Acting properly can help save the precious life of your loved one.

  • First and foremost, do not panic. Stay calm and be bold. You can save someone.
  • Help the patient lie down straight on the floor with his face in upward position
  • Press the patient’s chest with a sudden firm thrust. Then release the pressure.

Wait for one minute and then repeat this procedure. It helps in returning the patient’s pulse.

In case the patient is not breathing, you must give him mouth-to-mouth breathing. Inhale deeply, place your mouth on the mouth of the patient, close his nose with your fingers, and exhale deeply into his mouth.

Give 3-4 compressions of the chest and then give one breath to the patient.

While you are doing all these things, request someone to call the doctor. The doctor will be able to provide the right treatment for heart attack.

It is important to know what to do in case of a heart attack. You may take proper training to help save life of your loved ones in case they get a cardiac arrest.