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Choking Management for Child and Adults

Choking is the main cause of cardiac arrest. It can be prevented by giving the correct response to the victim at the right time. The correct response for a choking victim usually depends on the degree of airway obstruction, whether the victim is responsive or not and the age of the victim. The degree of obstruction in case of choking in adults or children older than one year can be categorized as:

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•    Mild obstruction: In case of mild obstruction, the victim is breathing but may also be wheezing. Victim may also be coughing and making noise. In such case, the rescuer must stay with victim and try to keep him calm and encourage him to cough. Call the emergency medical help if the situation seems to be getting worse.

•    Severe obstruction: The signs of victim with severe obstruction include- victim clutching the neck, not able to make noise or talk, there is a little or no breathing, and the victim may be cyanotic. In such case, the rescuer must use abdominal thrusts to attempt to remove obstruction, must call the emergency medical help. If the victim becomes unresponsive, provide CPR and rescue breathing until help arrives.

Nowadays, there are many programs offering CPR classes in Petaluma and other life saving techniques. Get yourself trained by choosing a renowned training program and become efficient to handle any life threatening situation.

The Must Have Qualities in a Baby Sitter

A person who takes care of children on behalf of their parents or guardians is known as a baby sitter. Baby sitters are responsible for taking care of children and supervising them in absence of their parents, on a temporary basis. While choosing a baby sitter to take care of your child, make sure to check out the below mentioned qualities in him/her:

Playful: A baby sitter should have a playful personality with good imagination power. He/she should be able to create a fun, healthy and active environment for your kids.

Child and Babysitting Safety: Accidents are bound to happen anytime and anywhere. The baby sitter should be able to take the right action at the right time. It is basically a 3 to 4 hour class intended for kids between 12 – 16 years old who want to do Baby Sit job. Therefore, make sure that the baby sitter has taken child and babysitting safety training.

Experience: It is better to hire an experienced baby sitter to take care of your kids. The experience in babysitting assures that the person has all the required skills, knowledge and ability to make the best decisions while on the job.

Qualities in a Baby Sitter

Make sure to choose a perfect babysitter with all the above mentioned qualities so that you’ll be assured of the utmost safety and security of your kids.

The Most Important Training Courses to become a Certified Babysitter

Whether you love being with kids or are simply looking forward to make some extra cash, babysitting is an important and responsible job to do. Babysitting certifications are an important aspect of getting your job and if you’re aspiring to become a babysitter, go through these training courses and certifications to make you a better caregiver:

Child and Babysitting Safety (CABS) Training is the most important one if you don’t want your application to be rejected from your clients. Parents want to entrust their kids to a babysitter who is trained in first aid, CPR and child care skills and the CABS training is a must to achieve that level of confidence.

If you want to become a professional babysitter with younger kids, you’ll need to undergo ‘Infant Care Training’ that specifically focuses on infant care. Many approved organizations run comprehensive classes that will train you with each and every aspect of infant care. You’ll be better suited to care for your tiniest charges after receiving basic infant care training.

Last but definitely not the least is the ‘Water Safety and Lifeguard Training’. You don’t want to put your clients’ kids at risk if you’re visiting a beach or lake with them or even when they’re playing in the backyard pool. You should be well-trained to handle the emergency cases that can happen nearby water bodies.

Important Training Courses to become a Certified Babysitter

Going through these training programs will definitely make you a more reliable choice and more in-demand with the families looking for babysitters.

Some Imperative Tips for Babysitters – Video

The video titled, “9 Babysitting Tips”, talks about some of the most important tips for babysitters. Babysitting is basically a job that involves taking care of a child or children while their parents are out. The person who looks after the child is known as a babysitter. It is the responsibility of a babysitter to ensure the utmost safety and wellbeing of the child while the child is in his/her care.

As a babysitter you must not allow any stranger into the home unless your employer specifically informs you. Never tell anyone that you are alone with the children at home. Also, make sure to not go outside to look into any kind of suspicious noise or activity. Usually, a babysitter care for children who are in need of supervision for a few hours. The key task of babysitters involves supervising the kids, playing with them and may be putting them to bed.

Many babysitters are trained in basic skills like CPR and first aid so that they can provide immediate help to the children in case of emergency. Refer the given video for more details about performing a safe babysitting.

Understanding What Child Care is All About

Competition has grown tremendously over the past couple of decades in just about every sector. With that people too have begun to work harder than ever before, while often leaving back their personal life in the process. This is harder for working mothers, who have to leave back their young ones at home. This ultimately leads to loss of concentration in them, making them think of ways to deal with the situation in a much better way.

In US alone, the rate of such working parents goes into significant figures. This gave rise to the need for efficient child care facilities where such children can be properly attended to. Child Care is itself a full-fledged course which requires the expertise of someone who knows how to take proper care of children of all age groups. The training can include everything, from use of interactive games to giving first aid whenever needed.

Some usual activities that are covered by such child care programs include:

•    Playing with kids of all aging
•    Taking care of kids, right from feeding them to making them sleep
•    Ensuring their safety at all times
•    Being able to make the right decisions in touch situations
•    Changing their clothes and diapers
•    Taking care of hygiene factor
•    Proper understanding of first aid procedure, rescue breathing, etc.

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