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Mountain View CPR Training & First Aid Classes – CPR Certification in Mountain View

Professional and licensed childcare providers must provide a safe and well maintained facility to ensure safety of children. It is a must that they create safe play areas, establish proper safety rules, and supervise the children at all the times to prevent any accidents and injuries.
But we can’t help but accept the fact that children do get into trouble and emergencies when they are left with the licensed childcare providers despite all safety measures being adopted by them. When serious injuries do happen, childcare givers must have proper first aid knowledge to handle the emergency properly and to save the life of the injured child.

To ensure the safety and well-being of children with the caregivers, the Emergency Medical Services Authority has made it compulsory for the licensed childcare providers to complete their required 15 hours of childcare provider first aid training. According to the EMSA, the hours of training must include 4 hours of pediatric first aid training, 4 hours of pediatric CPR (including infant, child, and adult CPR and infant, child, and adult AED training), and 7 hours of Preventive Health and Safety Training. This training is a one-time-only course.

Every 2 years, child care providers must renew their first aid training by completing 4 hours of pediatric first aid and 4 hours of pediatric CPR including adult CPR and infant, child, and adult AED training.

There are many instructors and training providers in Mountain View who provide first aid training for caregivers as per the requirements given by the EMSA. To complete your required 15 hours of childcare provider training you must look for one such approved training provider. If an instructor provides a course in fewer hours than required, the training is not in compliance with the law. You can report this situation to the EMS Authority at (916) 322-4336, extension 434.