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Menlo Park CPR Training & First Aid Classes – CPR Certification in Menlo Park

First aid training is a legal requirement for all companies, no matter how small or big. At least person who is trained in first aid and CPR should be present at all times. If not and there is an accident at the workplace, it is considered as OSHA violation and the company has to pay heavy fines. In addition to bearing the fine, the company also bears serious consequences that affect their growth and profits.

Different kinds of companies involve different hazards and therefore involve different first aid provisions. Requirement of CPR and first aid training depends on the nature of the work activities, size of the workplace, hazards present in the workplace, access to medical facilities, location of the company, and several other factors. But every company must provide the minimal acceptable first aid and CPR training for employees as required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

According to the OSHA, first aid and CPR training for the employees should consist of the definition of the first aid, legal issues of applying first aid, basic anatomy, and patient assessment and first aid for cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, hemorrhage, abrasions, amputations, shock, eye injuries, burns, paralysis, poisoning, drug overdose, and loss of mental functioning. First aid training for employees should also include CPR training, application of dressings and slings, immobilization of injured persons, handling and transporting of injured persons, and treatment of bites, stings, and contact with poisonous plants and animals.

Proper and timely first aid can save the life of someone in a number of situations. Immediate CPR, to take just one example, can triple the chances of survival of a heart attack victim.

There are many providers of first aid training and CPR certification in Menlo Park. Look for the trainers who provide training as per the requirements given by the OSHA to safeguard your employees against workplace injuries.