CPR only (infant, child & adult) with AED

(Infant Child and Adult) CPR with AED

CPR training (infant, Child and Adult) with AED program is a community-focused, comprehensive training program in emergency resuscitation for the lay rescuer. CPR will teach students how to perform resuscitation for patients who are victims of sudden cardiac arrest as well as those who are unresponsive, in respiratory arrest, or choking. This CPR training includes a two year certificate. All materials are included in the class a digital workbook (in English or Spanish) a  wallet card and certification cards are issued at the class.

This program offers these advantages to students:

  • Easy-learning, low –stress class environment
  • No written Test required
  • Hands-on practice that builds confidence
  • Excellent printed support materials
  • Certification cards issued at time of class
  • Two year certification
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 CPR covers (infant, child & adult) with AED:

  • Current American Heart Association Guidelines for 2016
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest and the “Chain of Survival”
  • The Essentials of Resuscitation
  • Using Barriers
  • Activate of 911
  • Initial Assessment Process
  • Clearing the Tongue from the Airway, Head-Tilt, Chin-Lift
  • Compressions
  • Breathing
  • One person CPR
  • Feedback Device (LOOP) system
  • Protecting the Airway-Recovery Position
  • Unresponsive Patient
  • Ongoing Assessment
  • Clearing a Foreign Body Airway Obstruction
  • AED included