How CPR techniques work in Human Body? – Infographic

The info-graphic titled as”How does CPR work in body?”, describes the functionality of CPR in human body. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a combination of techniques designed to pump the heart to get blood circulating and deliver it to the brain.

There are mainly two techniques stated in below info-graphic is “compression-to-the-chest” and “mouth-to-mouth”. How CPR works? During CPR, oxygen helps the brain to function. Brain then helps the heart to start beating again through nerve streams.

Compression to the chest helps in forcing blood out of the heart and getting it flowing back through the body. During the compression process timely check whether the person’s heart is beating or not if there is no pulse on a patient means the heart is not functioning.

Comparatively “Mouth-to-Mouth” technique is very effective as if blood which is pumping through chest compression is de-oxygenated then it will not supply oxygen to the brain. When brain loses oxygen the brain tissue starts losing their life.

Practical knowledge of CPR is very important to have before applying it in an emergency situation. To know more please refer to the details mentioned on below info-graphic.

How CPR works

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