Why CPR is Important to Learn? – Infographic

The info-graphic titled as”Why CPR is necessary?” describes important aspects of learning CPR. In United States more than 300,000 people suffered from cardiac arrest every year. CPR can help in saving those lives.

During a cardiac arrest heart stops beating and blood flow stops, person starts losing consciousness within 15 seconds. Within another 30 to 60 seconds patient stops breathing and damage can happen to his brain cells in case of oxygen deprivation.

CPR helps the person’s blood keep circulating until more advanced tools can be used. Learning CPR is very easy; you don’t have to be a genius or complete years of medical school to learn and perform CPR effectively. Learning CPR makes you feel confident during an emergency situation as you have all the skills and knowledge required to perform CPR.

If no-one is trained and does not provide CPR survival is almost 0%. To know more about CPR and why it is important to learn, please refer to the details mentioned on below info-graphic.

Why CPR is necessary

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