Pleasanton CPR Training & First Aid Classes – CPR Certification in Pleasanton

We all love our children and protect them with all our efforts. But despite our efforts, they tend to get hurt while playing or doing some other activity. There are many infants who suffer from cardiac arrest in the country, but only half of them survive. Among the infants who survive, many suffer from brain damage as they did not receive proper bystander CPR. No one knows when their child can suffer from a cardiac arrest, and needs to be prepared with an EMSA Training in Pleasanton.

The EMSA training will equip parents to save his/her child’s life by knowing when and how to react in emergency situations. If a child who has suffered from a cardiac arrest receives bystander CPR, he/she will have a successful Return of Spontaneous Circulation (ROCS).

A pediatric CPR might be required not just in cardiac arrest cases but also other injuries cases that may lead to difficulty in breathing. In the United States, some of the other reasons for the death of infants are congenital malfunctions and per-maturity complications. Injury is the leading cause of infant death in the country. One needs to be extremely careful when a child is playing as they run a risk of slipping in a pool or from a staircase while having harmless fun. In these scenarios, medical help will take some time to arrive at the location and bystander CPR can save the child.

According to the American Heart Association, the recommended procedure for performing a pediatric CPR is CAB sequence. The sequence put emphasis on Chest compressions, airway, and breathing / ventilations technique. Among infants, this procedure is recommended more than the ABC procedure which comprises of airway/ breathing/ compressions.

So, learn EMSA Training in Pleasanton to know how to perform pediatric CPR so that you do not see any child loosing his/her life in emergency situations.

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