Pediatric Emergencies: Things to know

Children like to explore their surrounding environment and often hurt themselves in that process. In such situations, a medical emergency is obvious. Pediatric emergencies are a worst nightmare for parents, but accidents do happen. Your child may fall while climbing a tree; hit himself/herself with a sharp object; or may touch a hot pan kept in your kitchen. Parents need to understand the situation in order to provide pediatric emergency medical care. The seriousness of a child’s injury might be difficult to decipher, but these situations require you to call emergency medical care immediately.

• Is the child unconscious or not breathing?
• Is there any major injury that caused heavy bleeding?
• Is the child complaining of severe pain in any body part after any accident?
• Are you able to arouse any response from the injured child?
• Is the child coughing up or vomiting blood?

How to be prepared for pediatric emergencies?
• Keep a basic first aid kit ready at your home and all emergency numbers handy.
• Teach your child about basic safety rules.
• Follow house indoor and outdoor safety rules to keep your child safe at all times.
• Learn CPR and first aid procedures by attending safety training program at your local training provider.

Pediatric emergencies

Fully prepared parents can help their children avoid injuries and acute illnesses. Pediatric CPR/first aid training courses are meant to provide parents the ability to stabilize or manage pediatric medical emergencies.

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