OSHA Training Program : Things to Know – Infographic

The given Infographic throws light on key features of OSHA’s training institute education centers which are a network of non-profit organizations authorized by the same. OSHA training program was initiated to meet the demands for private sector training. The OSHA Training Institute (OTI) education centers provide training to public sector and private sector personal and employees working in federal agencies.

There has been constant increase in the number of personals trained by OTI Education centers every year. Finding OTI Education centers is easy. The OSHA site contains a full-fledged list of all OTI Education centers, course descriptions, prerequisites and a searchable course schedule. Other necessary details like course schedule and fee structure is also available on the OSHA website.

The OSHA training program offers many benefits. Training on safety and health hazard recognition and abatement is a part of the training. This training is available nationwide at all convenient locations. You can avail the benefit of customized training schedules and formats. Spanish students have a reason to smile as certain courses are available in Spanish. Your career can take a new leap with the professional development opportunities available through this course.

Most of the OTI education centers are offering certificate or degree programmes promising additional opportunities for professional development. OSHA training degree programs include associate, bachelors, masters and doctoral levels.

OSHA Training Program : Things to Know

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