Frequently Asked Questions About EMSA Training

If you are planning to take the pediatric first aid, pediatric CPR, or a preventive health training program, then make sure it is approved by the EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Authority.

EMSA Training

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about EMSA training:

May I take shortened classes in child care First Aid and CPR, since I am only renewing my training? : No. The training for child care First Aid and CPR is required to be a total of 8 hours (4 hours for first aid and 4 hours for CPR) each time a child care provider takes the course. The child care First Aid and CPR training must be repeated every two years, at the minimum.

May I take online courses for the child care provider training? : No. On-line courses are not allowed for any of the child care training, as per the statute that governs this particular training requirement. This includes blended training provided by National Training Company such as American Heart Association, Medic First Aid or others- all training the full 8 hours must be in a class room.

Things To Know About Pediatric First Aid Certification

Children and infants are vulnerable to potentially critical medical incidents. As such, accidental injury remains the leading cause of death for children in the United States.

Whether it’s a simple laceration or a life-threatening emergency, no one wants to see a child hurt. And if you spend time caring for children, you’ll sleep a lot easier knowing that you are prepared for the worst.  Thus, it is important for anyone involved with children to have pediatric first aid certification.

Pediatric First Aid Certification

With this training, you will be able to discover how to provide critical assistance in pediatric emergencies involving seriously ill children and infants. Remember, the initial moments following a medical emergency are the most critical. And if you are the first or only person on the scene, knowing what to do in case of an emergency can make all the difference. In fact, having the ability to provide immediate assistance in an emergency could mean the difference between life and death.

Whether you are faced with a situation involving bleeding, choking, bites & stings or broken bones, the pediatric first aid certification training will give you the confidence and skills required to help effectively until medical services arrive to take over.

Careers that demand CPR Training

CPR training is required not only in healthcare and medical sectors, but also demanded in other professions. A CPR provider should be well trained and should follow the CPR guidelines to save life of the victim. There are several jobs that require CPR training. Let us discuss them below:

CPR Training

Life guard
It is indispensable to have CPR training before becoming a lifeguard, as lifeguards are required on pool side, ships, beaches and seashores.

Firemen not only help people to get rid of fire by killing it but also, they save life of the victim with their CPR training skills.

Coaches, especially in schools must have CPR training. CPR trained coaches avoid any kind of mishap in schools and take care of the students.

Apart from looking the law and order of the city, police also provide CPR to save life when any accident occurs.

Medical technician
Medical technicians not only control the medical machines but, also give CPR in emergencies to the patients.

Construction workers
It is utter important for the construction workers to have CPR training as there are always chances of accidents on the construction sites. Well trained construction workers can provide first aid in any emergency and save life.

To become a doctor it is essentially important to have CPR training.

It is essential for nurses in hospital to have EPF training.

Nurse assistants
Nurse assistants should also know about EPF so that they can give EPF to patient in emergency, whenever the nurse and doctors are unavailable.

Soldiers not only protect life of the nation but they save lives of people stuck in any mishap.  Hence, they are also required to have EPF training.

Statistical Study Of First Aid in The U.S. – Video

The knowledge of first aid is invaluable for both you as the individual and also for your community. It enables you to assist people who become injured in the event of an accident or emergency situation until medical help arrives.

First aid skills can be applied in the home, the workplace or in public locations. Hence, the more First Aid certified people there are in a community, the safer that community becomes. In case an accident happens in the workplace, in your home or in a public space, being a helpless witness to an emergency situation can potentially worsen the situation. This is why it is important for as many people as possible to have at least a basic knowledge of First Aid.

The video titled as “First Aid Statistics” gives a statistical study of First Aid in the U.S. which marks the importance of First Aid training. Some of the major points of this study include the following:

At work, injuries and illnesses kill about 2.2 million people in the world each year.

Unintentional injury is the leading cause of death in the U.S. for individuals younger than 44 years of age.

On average, 15 workers die each day in the U.S. from traumatic injuries.

For more information, refer the given video.

Tips on choosing First Aid Trainer

We all know CPR and first aid training are important things to learn in life. This training helps us to help in any emergency situation and reduce the chances of any mishap.

Here are some easy tips on choosing the best adult CPR and First aid trainer

1.    Select an experienced trainer
2.    Find out the certification you desire
3.    Ask for testimonials

Adult CPR & First Aid.

Select an experienced trainer

It is very important for you to choose a trainer who is experienced. Anyone can have a CPR and first aid training, but ask whether he has ever performed those techniques and rescued anyone from the accident? An experienced trainer will only be able o give you a good training on Adult CPR & First Aid.

Find out for the certification you desire

There are various different kind of training depending on the place and age of the person. Tell your trainer about the aim of learning CPR and ask him about the certification you should do for your reason of learning CPR.

Ask for testimonials

Once you have spoken about the training and experience of the trainer, now is the time to ask for some testimonials and reviews. Reviews and testimonials help a person to understand better about the trainer and its classes.

Significance of Forklift Training

Forklift training is important for the forklift operator as the operation of the forklift vary from machine to machine. Training the employee with right knowledge helps him to work efficiently in his job. Normally the forklift driver is expected to drive the forklift to warehouses and industries. Here are some importances of training the forklift operator nicely.

Forklift Training

It saves time and increases productivity

When the forklift driver is well trained he can work on his job more effectively and efficiently. Hand-on experience helps him to save life, and increase the work done.

It prevents inventory loss of the company

When the forklift operator is well trained, he could easily avoid any mishap that could happen. Even though nobody gets injured because of forklift mishap, it does a huge inventory loss.

Maintaining forklift equipment consumes less money and time

Along with training the forklift operator on how to operate the forklift, you also train him about how to maintain the forklift. This saves time and keeps the machine in good condition.

It helps your company to stay competitive

Forklift training also helps a company or organization to stay competitive. The training increases the opportunity to expand. This is important in survival of company.

The training helps company meet the Cal-Osha regulations that forklift operator be certified – in not certified the employer can be cited $10,000 per operator not certified and operating a forklift.

Benefits of BLS Certification

You never know when accidents can happen. Emergency in which a person can have problem in breathing is common. The health care team takes some time to reach the accident point where emergency has occurred. BLS can help to rescue such emergency conditions. Let us discuss why taking BLS certification classes are important.

BLS Certification

BLS Certification increases confidence

This training boosts up your confidence to act quickly in accidents and emergency conditions. It reduces the hesitation as the training has already provided you enough knowledge of such emergencies. Confidence helps you to manage such emergency conditions and save life.

Increases your appeal to the employer

BLS training is also good when you are looking for a job. This increases the chance of employment in any profession. Any company would surely like to prefer an employee who is certified in first aid treatment and can save life when emergency occurs.

You are always prepared

Taking BSL training classes makes you prepared to handle any emergency and accidental situations. People with BSL certified inculcate skills to always be ready and help in any emergency situation, without worrying about where they are. You will find a BSL certified person helping people in grocery store, vacation, office etc. whenever necessary.

Facts about First Aid Certification

While applying for jobs in teaching, child care or medical you might have observed that a certificate in First aid and CPR is demanded. If you are also among those people who are looking for a First Aid Certification classes, then here are some must know following facts about first aid certification.

CPR and First Aid treatment

Basic training of first aid for general public covers how to stop bleeding by applying pressure to a wound or how to use bandage. This is a simple thing that any candidate can learn simply by watching some videos on first aid training and taking classes of first aid training online.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR Plus training is covered under life saving first aid training. To learn this training one must go for hands-on training in classroom by creating situation.

Online training for advanced first aid situations is not recommended. A person must have hand on training experience for CPR training. A person with higher first aid training with CPR should renew his/her training certificate annually.

If you are certified for basic first aid training then you can only provide basic first aid and not higher first aid in emergency situations. If found improperly certified and still giving CPR and first aid treatment to the victim, you can be sued.

There are several basic first aid certification classes available online. You can take your training sessions from these online classes and after the completion of the online training; you can print the certificate received in your mail from the online institution. You can also download your certificate from the websites.

How First Aid Training is Important For You?

Human bodies are susceptible to injuries, illnesses and trauma. You never know when an injury may happen to you or your loved ones or to those who are around you. Thus, it is always good to have some amount of basic knowledge to take care of critical situations and to keep it from going bad to worse till the medical help arrives.

The Infographic titled as “Why First Aid Training is Important?” talks about the reasons to get first aid training which are as follows:

Increases Safety: Knowledge of first aid promotes sense of safety and encourages people to be more alert and safe in the surroundings. Awareness keeps you safe and secure, reducing the number of causalities and accidents.

Helps save lives: If a person who is trained to give first aid administration happens to see any casualty in his vicinity, immediate action can be taken and lives can be saved.

Makes people more secure: The sense of security promotes a healthy and a more confident environment around you.

For more information, you can refer the given Infographic.

First Aid Training

Pediatric CPR Classes: How Is It Beneficial For You?

Whether it is a simple cut or bruise or a life-threatening emergency, no one wants to see a child hurt.

People who work closely with children should undergo pediatric CPR training in order to learn how to provide life-sustaining care in the event of a critical injury. This training includes techniques to perform CPR on children and infants, as well as the proper way to use a defibrillator on children.

Pediatric CPR Classes

The primary objective in pediatric CPR training is to learn to recognize an emergency and provide very basic care for the patient until professional medical care arrives. It also teaches how to care for non-emergency first aid such as cuts, scrapes, minor burns, major bites and stings. Knowing the signs of a serious medical emergency and knowing how to avoid common mistakes is also the goal of the training.

The pediatric CPR training is offered by hospitals and various medical training facilities. The course provides detailed instruction on how to deal with children in life-threatening situations. However, a pediatric CPR class isn’t only for people in the medical field. Any person who cares for children, such as a parent, teacher, childcare provider or babysitter, can benefit from such training.