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What are the benefits of providing first aid and CPR training to employees?

No matter what the nature and size of your business is, you must provide first aid and CPR training to your employees. There are many benefits of providing CPR and first aid certification to your staff. The major ones include,

  •      First aid helps save lives. If immediate action is taken, one can help prevent the symptoms from getting worse and the pain and suffering of the victim can also be controlled. Studies reveal that CPR if provided on time can triple the chances of survival of the heart attack victim.
  •      First aid training provides correct knowledge to the trainees for handling emergency situations. They learn how to react in an emergency situation without feeling nervous or afraid. Trained employees are able to take better control over emergency situations, such as sprains, fractures, eye burns, bee stings, chemical injuries, cuts, abrasions, and other workplace injuries. By virtue of acting in the correct and efficient manner, first aid and CPR trained employees are able to save the precious life of their co-workers.
  •      During the first aid training, trainees are taught how to give injections, how to apply bandage, how to control blood flow, and how to use other contents of a first aid kit. This allows them to offer some relief to the victim till the time medical help arrives at the site of accident.
  •      With first aid training, employees become safety aware. They learn about the potential dangers and how to avoid them. This helps bring down the number of workplace accidents.

There are many providers of first aid classes and CPR training in Campbell. Look for reliable and reputed providers of CPR classes and first aid certification in Campbell and have trained and knowledgeable staff to handle workplace injuries efficiently.