Adult Beverages Safety: What We Need To Know

Spring break is just around the corner and we need to ponder over the safety precautions we can use to help people in distress. Spring Break is one the most favorite times to consume adult beverages. According to a study by Dan Perry, 42% of college students are likely to get drunk at least once during this time.

There is no contesting the fact that Alcohol if consumed in large proportions can be really harmful to the health. Everyone wants to party and thus end up consuming Alcohol more than they should. The following morning gets shadowed with the hangover and headaches. To tackle with these after-effects people tend to take caffeine in large quantities.

Caffeine and alcohol both can cause dehydration in the body. Some of the common symptoms of dehydration are:

•    Increased thirst

•    Dry mouth and swollen tongue

•    Weakness, Dizziness, and Confusion

•    Palpitations or Fainting

•    Inability to sweat and Decreased urine output

You can mollify the over consumption of Alcohol and caffeine by drinking one nonalcoholic drink for every alcoholic drink consumed.

Adult Beverages Safety

The nonalcoholic drink should not be caffeine and also should not contain any caffeine because drinking caffeine accelerates the urge to make more movements and it is diuretic. Responsible drinking is one way to avoid any health hazard.

You should also be aware of the First aid measures to be taken in the case any medical urgency such as unconsciousness or constant puking. You should get First aid training from a certified institute and also encourage others to do so.

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