Various Types of Sports and Exercise Injuries – Infographic

The infographic titled, “Get Aware of Different types of Injuries”, describes different kinds of injuries and their causes. Injury is basically damage to the body. When talking about the sports and exercise related injuries, they generally fall into 2 categories namely, Overuse injuries and Traumatic injuries.

Overuse injuries usually occur when the tissues are overstressed and are not allowed enough time for healing. Some of the common types of overuse injuries are muscle strains, inflamed and painful tendons, tight calves/Achilles and sore heels. These types of injuries can happen either due to training error or because of technique error.

Traumatic injuries, on the other hand, generally occur as a result of contact during sport. Some of the most common traumatic injuries are bruising or cuts, sprains and strains, fractures/ broken bones and dislocations. Traumatic injuries are most common in sports such as football, boxing, hockey, cricket and other high-impact or extreme sports.

For more information regarding different kinds of injuries, please refer the given infographic.

Exercise Injuries Infographic

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