How to safeguard your child from choking hazards?

Choking can prove quite hazardous for children, especially small babies and toddlers as they tend to put anything in their mouth. Most parents fear that their child can choke to death and want to keep their child from harm’s way. Here is how you can do that.

Studies reveal that 60% of the choking episodes are related to food. You should make sure that the food that is fed to children is cut into small pieces so that it doesn’t get caught into their wind pipe.

There are certain foods that can pose choking hazard even if cut into small pieces, such as nuts, seeds, whole grapes, pop corns, chunks of meat, raw veggies, and chewing gums and candies that are too hard. Avoid giving such foods to kids and should you give them monitor your child while he/she is eating.

Blind cords, telephone wires, and cables and plastic bags can also pose choking hazard to children. They can cling to the mouth or nose of the child and can restrict the oxygen supply. Children can get entangled in the cords and they may get suffocated.

Toys that have small parts that can be detached or can be pulled out easily are also very dangerous for children. If you have small kids who are teething make sure that there are no such toys in your home. You can instruct older kids to use such toys carefully.

Avail child cpr certification Oakland to learn how to prevent choking hazards in children and how to act in the event of any accident. By virtue of undergoing first aid training you can prevent further injury and can safeguard your child.

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