How to Perform CPR on Adults

The most terrifying thing about a cardiac arrest is that it can happen without any prior symptoms in number of people. It is the cause of maximum deaths in the world.

A lot of lives can be saved if person is given CPR by the BLS provider at the time of an arrest. This text is written with the aim of providing information about the CPR procedure.

Hope it will serve as useful guide in knowing how to do CPR. Also earlier we published an Infographic on How to perform CPR on adults

•    Cardiac arrest can happen because of many reasons such as drug overdose, excessive bleeding, injuries, stroke and near drowning
•    If you are not trained to give CPR you should not attempt giving breaths to the patients. You should only go for 100 uninterrupted hands compression
•    If you are trained for a CPR procedure then you can begin chest compression and giving rescue air breathing. Begin with 30 chest compressions
•    Remember the steps as CAB i.e. Circulation, Airway and Breathing
•    Restore circulation with compressions which should be 100 per minute and depth should be at least 2 inches
•    Allow compression recoil and minimize interruptions to less than 10 seconds
•    For clearing the airway, tilt the head and lift the chin
•    One breath should be given for 6 to 8 seconds

Follow the above guidelines and call for advanced care immediately. You can take CPR training by joining the first aid training courses. To know more visit

How to perform CPR on adults

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