How to Provide CPR without Training for Saving a Person’s Life

You can never tell what may happen with you or someone around you within a matter of few seconds. You can, however, prepare to save lives in some of those situations by undergoing CPR training in Petaluma. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, or CPR, is given to someone who just had a cardiac arrest. This condition may happen due to a sudden disturbance in heart movement, a traumatic injury or blood loss, a heart attack, or even food poisoning. CPR involves pumping air through the mouth into the patient’s mouth, in order to restore blood circulation manually when the body suddenly stops doing it.

CPR training in Petaluma

Process for CPR training in Petaluma when someone collapses

•    Try shaking the person and see if he reacts
•    Tilt the person’s head backward to open the airway
•    Check if the person is breathing normally for about 10 seconds
•    If he isn’t, call an ambulance, and start pressing his chest
•    After you have pressed chest about 30 times, give a mouth to mouth respiration to keep the blood flow going in his body
•    Don’t waste time checking for a pulse; continue the process if he does not get up, until a defibrillator is available
•    The chest press rate should be clocked around 100-120 presses a minute

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