Why First-Aid CPR Training is Essential?

The simplest answer to the question why CPR training should be essential in workplace can be; because it saves lives. We don’t think it’s really important to focus on any other point rather than this crucial motive of saving one’s life.

If someone at your workplace goes under cardiac arrest and if not a single colleague of yours (including you) is trained to perform CPR, sadly the chances of saving your colleague’s life decreases drastically. There is also a chance of acute damage being done to the victim’s heart, brain and other vital organs even though they survive the torment.

Why First-Aid CPR Training is Essential

However, if there is someone who is trained in giving CPR first aid, they can not only save the person’s life but also slash down the risk of that person suffering from nay serious damage caused to their heart, brain or their vital organs.

The CPR will help to keep the victim’s body oxygenated until the medical help arrives which will diminish any further risks. The dominant cause of death among adults over 40 years in the US is sudden cardiac arrests and with proper CPR training given to individuals this daunting number can be taken care of.


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