Which is the right CPR Certification Training Program for you

Medical personnel like doctors, nurses and laboratory technicians working anywhere may be required to perform CPR as a part of their duties. This video will help you know about the essentials to be kept in mind before choosing an approved CPR certification training program for yourself.

EMSA (Emergency Medical Services Authority) of California is responsible for paramedic licensure, emergency medical technician regulations, trauma center and trauma system standards, ambulance service coordination, and disaster medical response. Before attending CPR training make sure that it is EMSA approved or exempted.

Exempted training programs include the following courses:
•    American Health Association pediatric first aid and pediatric CPR
•    American Red Cross pediatric first aid and pediatric CPR
•    Courses offered by accredited colleges and universities

Gathering information like name of the instructor and the training program is important. Before taking CPR training you should call to inquire whether the course you are doing is a certified program and if the instructor is approved.

Visit the EMSA website (www.emsa.ca.gov) to get a list of training approved programs.

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