Understanding AHA Hands-Only CPR (Infographic)

Did you know around 90% of ‘out-of-hospital’ Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) incidents are fatal? The absence of immediate first-aid is one of the major reasons that cause the death of SCA victims. Due to lack of CPR knowledge, many people fail to provide immediate medical help to the patient.

Approved from American Heart Association providing hands-only CPR is an effective way to save the life of a person who has suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. In hands-only CPR, chest compressions are performed on the patient without mouth-to-mouth breathing. Studies have shown that hand-only CPR can be as effective as conventional CPR. Providing hands-only CPR immediately to the patient can save his life. Apart from giving chest compressions, it is important to call emergency medical care so the medical help arrives on time. Take a look at the below infographic for more information on AHA hands-free CPR and how it can save the life of a patient.


Understanding AHA Hands-Only CPR

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