Things you need to know before starting as a babysitter

Have you chosen babysitting as a career path? Do you know about the various expectations associated with this job? Let’s find out what is expected from this role.

  • Learning first aid and CPR is very important. Always choose a CPR course near you. American Red Cross babysitter class is ideal for those aged 12-15.
  • Get all the required instructions and information from parents that you need. Gathering all the emergency information you need is necessary. You can even bring your own checklist and match it with the one provided by the parents.
  • Babysitters should know safe sleep guidelines to lower the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Put babies to sleep on their backs in a crib—not on their sides or tummies—to lower the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
  • Avoid shaking a baby or young child. Even children as old as five can be seriously injured by shaking. Take the help of parents in case the baby won’t stop crying.
  • Be prepared for a fire and other fatal accidents.
  • Ask parents where the first aid box and medicines are located.
  • Knowing basic first aid treatments is essential for every babysitter.
  • You should be well equipped to handle difficult situations like choking, minor scrapes or cuts, minor falls or head injuries, getting locked inside the house, fire, burglar breaks in or the child runs off.

Babysitter - Things to know

While working as a babysitter you need to impress the parents, winning their confidence is important. Parents will be happy when you arrive on time and if you share with them your experiences with the kids. Your positive attitude and following the rules of a particular home will overwhelm the parents. These are some of the basic tips which can be resourceful for both parents and babysitters ensuring the safety of children.

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