Major Consequences Caused Due to Occurrence of Cardiac Problems

Cardiovascular diseases form up a specific class of diseases that involve blood vessels or heart. The most common condition that occurs due to this disease is the heart attack. This condition is caused when deposits of plaque build up within the walls of the arteries. This narrows down the openings between them, making it difficult to allow proper flow of blood. This is what ultimately leads to heart attack.

Other reasons behind cardiac problems

There can be several other kinds of cardiac problems as well, the occurrence of which could depend upon the patient’s current physical condition. A few of those are:

• Heart Valve Issues: When enough blood isn’t flowing through heart valves, which have not opened up properly, the condition is called stenosis. When they don’t close properly, the condition is called as regurgitation. This disturbs flow of blood, causing it to flow in the wrong direction, thereby worsening the overall problem.

• Arrhythmia: This is the technical name given to the abnormal beating of the heart. This is caused when the heart either beats too slowly or too speedily.

• Heart Failure: It’s not a synonym for heart attack, but it does have similar condition too. This occurs when heart is unable to pump adequate blood as it should. This could become worse with time, and so must be catered to at the earliest.

Major Consequences Caused Due to Occurrence of Cardiac Problems

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