Get your CPR certification and prepare yourself for emergencies

Health Emergencies can knock on your door unwanted and unexpected. It’s better to be prepared to tackle them whenever needed.

This text blog is written with the intent of providing information about CPR and first aid certification. The training can be crucial for a new parent, babysitter or senior helper.

Things that you will be trained for:

• Examining the scene of an emergency
• Calling 911 and taking care of victim until help arrives
• Deterring bleeding and treating cuts, scrapes, bee stings, insect or snake bites, etc.
• Treating sudden illness and understanding signs and symptoms of heart attack

How to choose the course?

You can choose among the courses available online, also many hospitals and communities offer these first-aid and CPR programs. You can find website programs by American Heart Association (AHA) and other agencies.

Maintaining a first Aid Kit

In case you are not able to get certificate for the first aid or CPR programs you must always carry a first aid kit along. Your kit should have things like scissors, band aids, aspirins, gloves, antibiotic ointment, hand sanitizer, gauze, etc.

The first Aid kit can be very serviceable when comes to emergencies ranging from snake bites to earth quakes.

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