First aid tips for Summer Survival

Summer is a great time to have fun outdoors. Unfortunately, the warm weather of summertime brings health and safety risks including sunburn, bug bites heat stroke and other heal-related illnesses. But with a little bit of know-how and first aid tips, warm weather injuries can be treated before they get serious.

•    Sunburn: Immediately remove the person from the sun and place him/her in a cool (not cold) shower. Don’t apply lotions or creams containing numbing medication as it may trap heat inside the skin. Make sure all sunburned areas are fully covered to prevent further sun exposure.

•    Heat stroke: Heat stroke is a medical emergency, and it generally occurs in outdoor workers. Dial 911 (local emergency number) and seek emergency care immediately. Get the person out of the sun or into the shade. Apply ice packs or cold wet cloths to the armpits, neck, and groin. While waiting for medical help to arrive, keep checking their temperature, breathing, and level of response.

•    Insect bites: Remove the insect stringer gently from the skin and wash the area with soap and water. Apply gel, cream or lotion to the injured area. If the person has mild pain, give him/her over-the-counter medicines. Call local emergency number if the person faces difficulty in breathing, dizziness, etc. after insect bite.

First aid tips for summer survival

First aid tips for summer survival

Summer season also brings the risk of dehydration and drowning. Adults and kids both are recommended to take sufficient fluids and electrolytes during summertime. Drowning mishaps can be prevented by wearing life jackets while swimming and personal floatation device while boating. One can also attend CPR or BLS training classes to learn more about summer first aid tips.

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