CPR Certification: An introduction

CPR provides the first-aid in case of a cardiac arrest. The stoppage of blood to the heart can be pumped by giving CPR to a patient. This little supply of the blood keeps the heart and brain functioning until the heart is revived due to the shock termed as Defibrillation.

Earlier in the day, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation was advised to be used on drowning patients by the Paris Academy of Science. For doctors, it was developed in 1960 after that recommendation for giving its training to ordinary citizens started coming up.
The doctors, therapists, health professionals require CPR certification, sometimes teachers, babysitters and nurses are also asked to get a certificate of this training. It is also advisable for an ordinary citizen to get this certificate and be prepared in case of any emergency.

There are levels of certification such as BLS, the basic life support, and AED, this level of training is required by health professionals to perform advanced electronic defibrillation unit on heart attack victims. The advance level is taught to the firefighters, health professionals, and the police. All the skills of a BLS, as well as the techniques for performing a two-person CPR and removal of obstruction in the airway, are taught under the AED training.

CPR Certification


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