Burn Injuries: Levels, Types and First Aid Treatment

Burn injuries are the most common household injuries, though it also occurs in work sites due to accidents. “Burn” is a type injury to the skin caused by heat, electrical sources, chemicals, radiation and very cold water. The victim feels more than burning sensation with burn injuries. This Infographic details the various types and levels of burns along with the first aid treatments recommended by various organizations for burn injuries.

Burn injuries are characterized by skin damage in which the affected skin cells die. Burns can cause blistering, scarring and even death depending upon the severity of injury. There are also chances of infections as burns damage the skin’s protective barrier. All types of burns need immediate first aid care, and in severe cases, admission to hospital. Before giving first aid, it is important to determine the type of burn. First responders in this case should have proper first aid training to prevent further complications and death. See the below infographic to learn more about first aid procedures for burn injuries recommended by health and safety training providers.


Burn Injuries: Levels, Types and First Aid Treatment

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