AHA First Aid Guidelines – Video

This video titled as “AHA first Aid guidelines” is created with the intention of telling users first aid guidelines in case of a health emergency.

It’s a serviceable video and therefore should be watched.
In case of a stroke first aid provider should use assessment system in order to identify the systems of strokes.  The assessment system with glucose measurement should be used.

For open chest wounds the first aid provider can leave the wound open however if dressing is required to stop the bleeding then the proper dressing can be done but make sure that it is not saturated.

If spine movement is restricted than it is not recommended to use cervical collars by the first aid providers. Use of immobilization devices can be harmful. A person should be asked to stay still.
Hemostatic Dressings can be considered for providing standard bleeding control measures. When direct pressure fails to control severe or life-threatening bleeding, first aid providers who have specific training in their indications and use may consider a hemostatic dressing.

For a person having   Anaphylaxis a dose of epinephrine is recommended. Sometimes he may not respond to the initial dose and there is still time for the advance care to reach to the patient, in that case repeat dose can be considered.

You can know more about such First Aid guidelines by watching the video below

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