3 Alternative Techniques for CPR

The conventional CPR practice involves manual chest compressions along with rescue breaths. Over the years, a variety of alternatives to conventional CPR have been developed with intent to augment cardiac output resuscitation from cardiac arrest. Here is the list of some alternative devices and techniques for CPR:

Impedance Threshold Devices: The combination of Impedance Threshold Devices or ITD with active compression-decompression CPR is a better alternative to conventional CPR in settings with available equipment and well-trained CPR professionals.

Mechanical Chest Compression Devices: Although, manual chest compressions are considered as the standard of care for the treatment of cardiac arrest, the mechanical chest compression devices may be a reasonable alternative to conventional CPR in certain conditions where the delivery of high-quality manual compressions may be challenging or dangerous for the provider.

Extracorporeal Techniques and Invasive Perfusion Devices: Extracorporeal Techniques and Invasive Perfusion Devices or ECPR are another better alternative to conventional CPR for patients who have a cardiac arrest. These devices are also beneficial for the patients for whom the alleged etiology of the cardiac arrest is potentially reversible.

Adult CPR & First Aid

As compared to conventional CPR, all the above mentioned techniques and devices require specialized equipment and CPR training.

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