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Things to Know about EMSA Child Care Training by Adams Safety – Infographic

The infographic titled, “EMSA Licensed Childcare Prevention of Illness and Injury Course by Adams Safety Training” provides basic information about EMSA Child Care Training by Adams Safety. Proudly serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 1991, Adams Safety Training provides First Aid Training, CPR Classes, and BLS training to the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

Adams Safety Training Licensed Child Care programs are certified and approved by the State of California Emergency Medical Services Authority-EMSA. The State of California requires new childcare providers to attend 16 hours of training. Here are a few important details about the training, have a look:

The EMSA Child Care Training consists of 8 hours of First Aid and CPR Training and 8 hours of Prevention Health and Safety Training.

The Preventive Health and Safety Training providers at Adams Safety provide all the necessary training for childcare providers to meet the requirements of California State Law and meet the need of AB 1542

The training includes a CD with a 279 page manual including forms for operation of the childcare included in the cost of the class.

For more information about EMSA Child Care Training by Adams Safety, please refer the given infographic.

EMSA child care training

Where to Get the EMSA-Approved Child Care Training?

In order to find the EMSA approved child care training program, you can directly go to the EMSA website. The website has an up-to-date list of current approved training programs for child care First Aid, CPR, and Preventive Health and Safety Practices training. Search for the program that provides training in your area or in a nearby area. It is important to note that EMSA does not list every training instructor in the state. They only provide the directors name and the main business numbers of the approved training programs.

After finding the most suitable program, you can directly call the numbers provided on the website to schedule your training. Some of the EMSA approved training programs for child care First Aid and CPR provide state-wide training in various communities. These programs have around 800 telephone numbers. You can call any of the numbers to get the numbers of instructors in your area.


You can also take your child care First Aid and CPR training from the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association. Although, these do not come under EMSA and do not have to purchase stickers, send rosters, or be audited by EMSA, but they must abide by the EMSA standards for training. If they do not, then they can be reported to the AHA government liaison.

Some Important FAQs About EMSA Child Care Training – Video

The video titled as “EMSA Childcare Training FAQs” talks about some of the frequently asked queries related to EMSA Childcare Training. These include the following:

How long should the childcare training be – Childcare training should be:

4 hours of training for CPR-adult, child and infant which includes all age AED training
4 hours of training for child care first aid
7 hours of training on preventive Health and Safety practices training.

Can online courses for the childcare provider training be taken? – Online courses are not allowed for carrying out any of the childcare training.

Can shortened hours of classes be taken in child care first aid and CPR? – The training for child care first aid and CPR is required to be a total of 8 hours and the training must be repeated every two years, at the minimum. The Preventive Health and Safety Practices Course is a one-time only requirement and must be at least 7 hours long.

For further information, you can refer the given video.