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How CPR Training Helps Saving Lives – Infographic

The info-graphic titled as “American Heart Association CPR certification: Learn how to save a life” describes the importance of CPR certification and how you can analyze when to give CPR. Before giving CPR one must know the exact procedure of how to perform CPR and must understands the symptoms of it.

CPR certification is essential to have as cardiac arrest is in one of the leading cause of sudden death and if left untreated it will inevitably result in death of the victim. But if you have the knowledge and experience of how to perform CPR you can save that person’s life till the medical help arrived.

Now the question is how you’ll get to know whether it’s a cardiac arrest or not? If victim’s heart stops pumping blood around the body and makes him to collapse this might be the first stage. Afterwards, if victim start becoming unconscious and suddenly stops breathing or stops breathing normally then it’s the right time to give that person CPR immediately.

Know more about the benefits of CPR training just by clicking on the website. You can also refer to the details mentioned on the below info-graphic.

American Heart Association

Important Guidelines Offered by AHA

AHA or American Heart Association is a non-profit organization in the United States, engaged in promoting proper cardiac care with intent to reduce disability and deaths caused by cardiovascular disease and stroke. AHA is a leading COR education and training organization that help people to understand the significance of healthy lifestyle choice. Some of the dietary and other lifestyle related guidelines offered by Aha include:

American Heart Association

For healthy eating pattern: For healthy eating pattern, AHA suggests that you must consume a variety of fruits, vegetables and grain products (including whole grains). Further, make sure to include fat-free and low fat dairy products in your diet including fish, poultry, legumes and lean meats.

For a healthy body weight: For a healthy body weight, AHA suggests that you must limit your consumption of foods containing high caloric density and low nutritional quality. Also avoid foods with a high content of sugars. Further, maintain a level of physical activity to achieve fitness.

For a perfect blood cholesterol and lipoprotein profile: To get a desirable blood cholesterol and lipoprotein profile, you must restrict the intake of foods with a high content of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol. Instead, you can eat grains and unsaturated fatty acids from vegetables, fish, legumes, and nuts.