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First aid myths debunked – Infographic

The Infographic presents some first aid myths and facts to help people understand the difference between a treatment myth and a medically sound first aid treatment. It also portrays vital first aid statistics in the U.S.

During emergencies, people tend to follow first aid treatment methods that have been handed down to them from generations. However, these types of first aid practices only harm the victim instead of helping him/her. By knowing what to do in an emergency situation, first responders can save a life or prevent a situation from worsening. But doing it in a wrong way can make the problem worse. For example, there is a common myth that an injured person should be moved away from car accident scene. The fact is that moving the victim during such condition can lead to paralysis or even death. Take a look in the below infographic to find out some more first aid misconceptions and the facts behind these myths.

First aid myths debunked