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Key Things to Know About EMSA Training

EMSA or Emergency Medical Services Authority training generally covers primary and injury assessment, scene assessment and barriers, respiratory problems, choking management, illness assessment, spinal injuries, head injuries, fractures and dislocations, poisoning and allergic reactions, shock management, control of bleeding, diabetic emergencies and more.

EMSA training program is especially designed to help people learn about the pre-hospital emergency medical care. The training program is really helpful for people; especially those involved in child care related jobs to act promptly and accurately in case of an emergency situation.

First Aid & CPR Training

Make sure that whatever training program you are looking for (like preventive health and safety training program, pediatric CPR or a pediatric first aid training program), it must be approved by the State of California Emergency Medical Services Authority-EMSA. Even the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross (ARC) that do not come under EMSA, are required to provide the child care training as per the EMSA standards, which includes 16 hours of training consisting of First Aid & CPR Training (8 hours) and Preventive Health & Safety Training (8 hours).