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What are the benefits of CPR Certification Program?

Are you CPR certified? If not, then think about it again! Perhaps, you know that cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a lifesaving procedure that is performed on someone, who’s not able to breathe or his/her heartbeat has stopped. However, do you know that 92% of cardiac arrest victims fail to survive, even after receiving CPR? As a bystander, you can increase the survival chance of such victims by performing CPR in a timely and right manner. That’s why everyone should enroll in CPR training program. There are numerous benefits of CPR certification and these are:

  • You get quality training

For sure, you can get basic understanding about CPR and how it works on the Internet, but nothing is more imperative than receiving quality training from reputable organizations such as the American Heart Association (AHA). Hand-on training received during CPR classes can make a huge difference during emergency situation.

  • You can increase your self-confidence

People, who undergo CPR training, achieve a certain level of self confidence, and this helps them to save others life, whether at home or office. Your fast and quick response during critical situation can make a significant difference between life and death of the victim.

  • You learn to operate AED

During CPR training, you learn to operate artificial electronic defibrillators (AED), which is used to restore the heart’s electrical signal in victims of cardiac arrest.

By getting certified in CPR, you stand out as someone, who has a true sense of responsibility. Moreover, your ability to save someone’s life is more than just satisfying!
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