Pediatric First Aid & CPR

Pediatric (Infant, Child and Adult) CPR with AED & First Aid Training

Adams Safety Training Licensed Childcare Programs are certified and approved by the State of California Emergency Medical Services Authority – EMSA

Licensed Childcare Pediatric (Infant, Child and Adult) CPR & First Aid certification # 11-0506-DC.

Approved by the California Emergency Medical Services Agency (EMSA)

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Pediatric First Aid Training and CPR Training (Infant, Child, Adult) covers:

  • Scene Assessment & Barriers
  • Primary & Injury Assessment
  • Choking Management
  • Control of Bleeding
  • Shock Management
  • Continuing Circle of Care
  • Illness Assessment
  • Respiratory Problems
  • Poisoning and Allergic Reactions
  • Diabetic Emergencies
  • Seizures
  • Child Abuse
  • Motor Vehicle Safety
  • Spinal Injuries & Head Injuries
  • Fractures & Dislocations

Pediatric (Infant, Child, Adult) First Aid Training offers these advantages:

  • Easy-learning, low-stress class environment
  • Confidence building,
  • Hands-on practice
  • Excellent printed support materials and video.
  • Wounds & Bandaging
  • Eye Injuries
  • Burn Prevention & Care
  • Exposure to Cold & Heat
  • And much more…