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A Guide Related to Forklift Safety and Training – Infographic

The infographic titled, “Forklift Safety and Training Guide” describes the module of forklift training, things to learn during forklift training and risk of injury or death to a forklift operator.  It is important to note that forklifts should be operated only by individuals who are well trained and contain a license to operate the equipment. A good forklift training module covers correct work practices and teaching the right methods to carry out risk free work.

Some of the key things that a forklift operator must learn during forklift training include checking the billboard posted in the zone with high person on foot movement deliberately, when supplied use blazing cautioning light or noisy alerts when going backwards, etc.

There is a high risk of injury or death when a forklift operator- has not been trained in the principles of physics that allow a forklift to lift and move heavy loads, is not familiar with how a particular forklift operates, operates the forklift carelessly and when a forklift operator uses a forklift that is not safe due to malfunctioning or missing parts.

For further details about forklift safety and training, please refer the given infographic.

forklift safety and training