Hurricane “Harvey” hits Texas leaving thousands of people homeless. The whole city is still underwater and people are waiting for the help to come and save their lives. When such situation arises don’t just wait for the help to come and save you.

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A person who is trained to administer first-aid or perform CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) can be lifesaving. CPR helps in controlling problems like heart attack, chocking, bleeding, open chest injury, asthma, chest pain, brain injury which could happen in case of natural disaster.

The first and best thing you can do when such an emergency situation arises is to conduct a risk assessment plan and identify potential emergency scenarios. Understanding of what can happen will enable you to determine resource requirements. CPR training helps to understand and how-to-react in an emergency situation or what precaution measures a person can take to lessen the harm.

Not just them you can also help the people who stuck in there and are fighting each day for food and for their lives. What you’re going to do with your riches? You won’t be able to keep it with you forever why not give a small amount to charity and be remembered in people’s heart forever.

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