Important Tips For Operating A Forklift Safely

A forklift is a very powerful and useful tool, but in untrained hands, it can do more harm than good.

It is crucial for a forklift driver to be fully licensed and qualified in order to operate a forklift. Forklift training teaches the correct skills and knowledge required to ensure the safety and proper manoeuvrability of a forklift within your business.

Forklift Training

Following are some simple tips to follow to ensure safe operation of forklifts:

Examine the equipment before use: The operators should do a routine check of the equipment before driving them. Some of the things you should check for any faults include brakes, steering, warning devices, controls, mast and tyres.

Operate at a safe speed: Never proceed past the speed limit. Take corners and any turns slowly to minimize risk of tipping. Make any changes in direction or any stops gradually and slowly.

Ensure your load is stable and secure: Check the loads carefully before moving them for the purpose of stability and damage. It is important to ensure that the load is tilted back with the forks sitting low while transporting in order to increase truck stability.

Although these tips are simple and quite basic, they are a good starting point to support workplace health and safety guidelines.

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